Taylor Bennett and Band

Adam Pope at The Bluebird Cafe

Taylor Bennett



Shawn Savage

Taylor Bennett at The Bluebird Cafe


Michael DelGiorno

Adam Pope

Shawn Savage

Taylor Bennett at American Idol Audition in Nashville

Larry Gatlin in the studio with Ralph Bristol

Adam & Taylor at The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security Tour, Lebanon, TN

Adam & Ralph, The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security Tour

Michael DelGiorno

Taylor Bennett


Taylor & Adam, Armed Forces Day

Adam Pope


Adam Pope

Ralph Bristol


Adam Pope

Taylor Bennett


The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security Tour


Taylor Bennett

Welcome to Triple-A Entertainment

My name is Ralph Bristol and I’ll be your host.

Triple-A Entertainment is the fulfillment of a dream I had in 2010 when I hosted my first event, “The Great American Picnic,” to introduce the public to Music City Honor Flight at Charlie Daniels Park in Mt. Juliet.

By using my radio platform (morning drive host at 99.7 WTN) to ask for volunteer talent, I discovered just a small part of the talent that is looking for opportunity in Nashville, and it was impressive.

I repeated the process for two more events which I hosted to try to create more interest in Armed Forces Day. Each time, I found a few entertainers who were real audience pleasers.

Naturally, I wanted to return the favor they did for me by providing, free of charge, the entertainment that I promised my event audiences, who never paid to attend, and got a LOT more than they paid for at my events.

I wanted to return the favor to at least the worthiest among my volunteer entertainers by helping them find “paying gigs.” But, there’s only so much help I can give them unless….

…I recruit more of them, promote them as a team, make it a business and buy broadcast advertising that becomes affordable because I’m advertising a team, a “Triple-A” team, that can deliver quality entertainment of any kind, from bands, to speakers, to comedians, DJs, and more to any event in Middle Tennessee that needs live entertainment.

I admit a very limited knowledge of music, but music is but one genre of talent, and all talent is either marketable or not. Either your talent is a viable business or it is not.

My talent is in recognizing and marketing viable businesses. When I recognize and commit to marketing a viable business, they more often than not exceed their own expectations. I’m happy to provide references.

Triple-A Entertainment is the ultimate test of my claim to recognize and market viable talent — in an arena with unlimited resources — attracted to the Mecca of talent – Nashville, TN.

I’m going to broker viable talent with the same kind of endorsement advertising I offer all my other sponsors.  I’m going to recruit the largest, most eclectic, stable of quality entertainment in Middle Tennessee, and I’m going to get them the business and the exposure they deserve.

That’s a big promise.

I tell all my radio sponsors not to make promises in their advertising that they can’t, or won’t, fulfill.

They have benefited greatly by taking that advise, as will I.

Triple-A Entertainment will deliver on that promise.